Message from the Mayor

Ansan Cultural Foundation  “ What do you imagine everyday ? What does exist beyond there ? ”

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Welcome to Ansan Cultural Foundation’s website.
I am Yoon Hwa-seop, Head of Ansan Cultural Foundation, an open cultural and
art space for citizens.

Ansan Cultural Foundation is with you to make a beautiful world and a happy culture city
through art and sharing.
Ansan Cultural Foundation will be a cornerstone to make Ansan city a city of health
ecologically with good natural environment, weaning from an image of a nearby city
of industrial complexes having environmental problems; a city of culture, art, environment
and tourism full of growth driving force through creative and brilliant maginations
a city filled with creative artists where all citizens enjoy culture and arts and a city
that improves our quality of life through cultural life.

We will do our best to make Ansan a city of culture through creative imagination,
listening to the voices from various classes, and respecting diversity of people.
Ansan Cultural Foundation wants to be a dream forest of culture and art where we take
breaths with citizens all the time.
We promise to be a place where you can make your dreams and imaginations come true
through culture and arts; a vitality of life for you, and energy of that dream.

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